Hamster Cages & Supplies

Looking for the best hamster cage for your pet? We have included a wide range of spacious cages to choose from. We have listed a range of the most popular hamster habitats for sale in our comparison table in which you can sort by price or size for your convenience. You will also find a range of hamster toys, food and accessories for sale as well!

$$$ – Premium | $$ – Midrange | $ – Budget

CageSize (Inches)Price
Savic Hamster Heaven31 x 20 x 20$$$
Ferplast Cage23.6 x 14.4 x 11.8$$
Ferplast Laura18.1 x 11.6 x 14.8$$
Ware Critter Cage12.5 x 25 x 12.5$
Ferplast Topy16.8 x 11 x 19.7$$$$
Marchioro Kevin 8232 x 20 x 14$$$
Marchioro Goran 8232.25 x 20 x 16.5$$$
Habitrail Cristal14.5 x 11 x 10$
Savic Mickey Cage20 x 31.5 x 15$$$
Ferplast Hamsterville23.6 x 13.4 x 19.3$$$
Ferplast Olimpia11.5 x 18 x 21$$
Savic Cammy23.2 x 15 x 11.8$$
Ferplast Duna21.6 x 15.4 x 14.8$$$
Prevue Hendryx22.5 x 12 x 12.5$$$
Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage14.5 x 18.5 x 25$$$
Zilla Critter Cage30.5 x 13 x 12.9$$$


Best Picks – Cage Bedding Food Wheel | Ball | Chews

You will mostly find large cages here in order to meet the minimum size requirement of your pets, however the smaller ones make great add-ons to any hamster habitat.  If you’re specifically looking for a cage for your dwarf hamster, be sure to check out the width of the bars as some species of dwarf are very good at escaping through small gaps.

Best Hamster Cage?

Minimum Size Recommendation

  • Hamsters, like all small pet rodents thrive and are happiest when they provided with plenty of space to move around. They are active creatures, especially at night time and will appreciate as much floor space as you can possibly give them. Hamsters that are kept in sub-standard cages exhibit signs of stress such as bar chewing.
  • Lots of smaller cages are available that make excellent add-ons for a main habitat but should not be used as your hamsters primary cage.
    The biggest online hamster forums and communities recommend providing your pet hamster with at least 360 square inches of floor area for maximum comfort.
  • Syrian Hamsters need an exercise wheel of at least 8 to 10 inches to prevent them from arching their spines whilst using it. Dwarf Hamsters living together require at least as many wheels as there are hamsters to prevent them from fighting over them.
  • Larger cages are more entertaining for owners because you can furnish it with lots of accessories and toys.
  • The best cage for your pet hamster is the biggest you can reasonably afford. The RSPCA recommend that the minimum size of cage for a Syrian hamster should be 75cm x 40 cm  x 40 cm. (29 ½ inches x 15 ¾ inches x 15 ¾ inches). Dwarf hamsters, being social animals especially need a lot of space to discourage territorial aggression.

Check out Advantages of Large Hamster Cages for more information.

big hamster cages
There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable habitat for your hamster. The two most important questions you need to answer are – What type of hamster you have.will have and what is your your budget.


It is very important that you make sure your pet hamster gets as much fresh air as possible. This ensures they are comfortable and healthy. Hamster urine produces ammonia which can be harmful to their respiratory systems in large amounts. Luckily Hamsters naturally produce very little urine so this very rarely poses a problem as long as their cages are cleaned out on a regular basis. Housing your hamster in a glass aquarium is an excellent option for housing your hamster however sometimes they do pose airflow problems if you do not cover the tank with a proper tank topper. Good airflow is important to keep your hamster cool especially if you live in a hot climate country.

Cleaning out

Hamsters need to be cleaned out on a regular basis to ensure their environment is clean and free of germs that can cause them harm. Hamsters are generally very clean animals that will choose to urine in a dedicated toilet area. Usually this area is in the furthest corner from their nest area. If you have a clean hamster in this regard you only need to clean out this space every few days and give the full cage clean at longer intervals. Larger cages are beneficial form a cleaning point of view because they are easier to spot clean and they don’t need to be cleaned out as often as smaller cages.
Crittertrail style habitats can take longer to clean out because of their small individual components. Hamster tubes. The traditional wire bar cage is the easiest type of cage to clean because they just consist of a wire frame and a plastic tray that’s soiled contents is easily tipped away.


A key focus for any prospective cage buyer is security! You do not want to wake up in the morning only to find your much loved pet has escaped! It is vitally important to take note of bar width because hamsters are escape artists and can squeeze through the narrowest of gaps. For Syrian hamsters the space between each metal bar should be no more than half an inch wide. For dwarf hamsters, the bar width should be no more than a quarter of an inch.

Bar Chewing

It is important to pay attention to any jagged edges or dangerous points that may harm your pet when they nibble on it. Hamsters love to chew and nibble on cage bars especially if they are housed in a habitat that is too small and deprived of a hamster wheel and other toys.
Even if you give your hamster adequate room there is a chance they will endeavor to escape by chewing on bars and the plastic areas of the cage. With enough time they will wear down areas that will enable them to escape. It is for these reasons that it is very important to house them correctly with enough room and plenty of toys. Hamster’s teeth continuously grow and should be encouraged to chew safe toys. There are some excellent toys on the market today that allow you to house a treat around a chewable toy giving your hamster something to focus their mind on.
Monkey nuts are an excellent treat for your hamster and gives them something safe to chew on making them a great boredom breaker.

Wire or Solid Floors

It is uncomfortable for hamsters to walk on wire floors as opposed to solid floors. Wire floors can also risk injury because their feet and limbs can continuously fall between the gaps. The same problem arises with rung hamster wheels. Solid plastic or glass is the best floor you can provide your pet.

Vertical or Horizontal Space

Tall cages can provide a danger to hamsters as they love to climb but often struggle getting down therefore they drop to the ground. Most of the time dropping to the floor does not harm them but there are exceptions if they fall awkwardly on a limb. You can drastically reduce the risk of injury by choosing a cage with more horizontal space than height. Hamsters should have a few inches of substrate on the floor to help cushion any falls.

Wire Bars

The most common type of cage are the traditional bar or wire-top cages with removable plastic trays. The main advantage of bar cages is that they have the best ventilation possible for your hamsters and they are easy to clean. Sometimes these types of cage have a shallow plastic trays which means bedding and substrate might get kicked out of the cage by the hamster making a lot of mess on your floor. Some hamsters (especially Syrians) are prone to chewing on the bars which can make a lot of noise – Something to consider if your hamster lives in a bedroom. Bar chewing is usually less of a problem if you house your hamster in a good sized environment with lots of toys. Some bar cages have unpainted metal bars which means they are prone to rusting when coming in contact with a hamster’s saliva. cages can range in price and quality dramatically. From the cheap no-brand cages to the premium quality ones like the ‘hamster heaven’ from Savic.

Glass / Tank

Another good option for your hamster home is an aquarium or a glass fish tank with an added tank-topper. The main advantage of tanks is that they give maximum visibility for you, the owner to see your hamster playing and going about their daily lives. Glass aquariums can be very heavy making them difficult to move around and clean. There are great alternatives to heavy glass on the market. You can purchase small pet enclosures such as the Zoo Zone or the Ferplast Maxi Duna which are basically plastic transparent tanks which have all the advantages of a glass aquarium, but with the weight of a proper cage. Another great advantage of this type of cage is that you can use an extra amount of bedding or substrate allowing your hamster to burrow down and create underground tunnels and nests! Ventilation is not great like metal bar cages, so it could be a factor to consider if you’re not using the best quality substrate due to ammonia build up from urine.

glass zilla tank

Crittertrail / Habitrails

Hamster habitats from brands such as Crittertrail or Habitrail are becoming increasingly popular options for housing your pet hamsters. They come in a wide variety of styles and with fully modular support – you can connect up different habitat areas with hamster tubes. There have been studies that prove that hamsters thrive best in wide open spaces so it is not advisable to use these habitats as their only home. They make great add-ons for a larger open cage enabling you to have a fully unique cage. Dwarf Hamsters are communal animals but can sometimes become territorial and aggressive to each other. Modular habitats connected with tubes can encourage this territorial aggression.


CageSize (Inches)Price
Habitrail Cristal
14.5 x 11 x 10$
Ware Critter Cage
12.5 x 25 x 12.5$
The cage should be the biggest investment you buy for your hamster. There are plenty of cheap sub-standard cages sold in pet stores that do not meet the minimum size requirement. If you are on a tight budget – ‘Ware Manufacturing‘ have some basic but big cages for sale that meet the minimum size requirement for both Syrian and Dwarfs that can be had for prices under 50 dollars on amazon.

Another great option are homemade bin cages – They can be made very cheaply and suit both Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters.

ware hamster budget cage

Homemade Bin Cages

If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford any of the cages featured here there are other options. A homemade Bin cage is a very popular option and with some DIY skills can reward you with the best hamster cage suitable for your pet. Bin cages consist of a large plastic storage bin with some cut-out meshed windows for ventilation and a meshed top to allow air flow. There are many guides on the internet with full instructions. You will need; a large storage bin, some mesh and bolts and washers.

Large / Extra Large

Hamsters are creatures that can travel many miles in a single night in the wild, therefore you can never give a hamster too much space. You can however give them too little, which is frowned upon in by hamster lovers and inhumane. There are many large cages for sale on the market today that will give your hamster a great place to live as well as provide you a lot of fun furnishing it. There are also many unsuitable habitats for sale which is unfortunate as space is the most important factor when providing your pet with a suitable home. Big cages give you plenty of options for toys, wheels and other accessories making it fun for you, the owner as well. Syrian hamsters especially need large exercise wheels in order to prevent them from arching their backs whilst running. It can be difficult fitting a standard wheel in a standard size cage.
$$$ – Premium | $$ – Midrange | $ – Budget

CageSize (Inches)Price
Marchioro Kevin 82
32 x 20 x 14$$$
Marchioro Goran 82
32.25 x 20 x 16.5$$$
Savic Hamster Heaven
31 x 20 x 20$$$

More Cages for Sale

Unlike Crittertrail type habitats, the large wire cage is very easy to clean. Consisting of a single plastic tray and wire covering, it makes it effortless to tip out all of the old bedding into a bin bag. There are very few tubes and plastic walls that need wiping down. Wire cages offer maximum ventilation for hamsters which is a massive health benefit as hamster urine gives off ammonia which can be harmful to your pet.

Dwarf hamsters living together need a wide open space in order to facilitate their friendly relations. Dwarf hamsters can become territorial and aggressive to each other at a moment’s notice so it is important to give them a suitable home. Crittertrail type cages that are modular and connected with tubes can encourage dwarf hamsters to become territorial and aggressive to each other so it is recommended to give them a nice large wide open space  with choke points. It’s also worth noting that tubes and tunnels could potentially make it easy for a hamster to get cornered and bullied with no way of escape.

Spacious cages make your pet happier, healthier and provide you with peace of mind that your pet sees their home as a comfortable living environment rather than a prison.

Some of the best extra large cages include the Marchioro KevinMarchioro Goran, and the popular Savic Hamster Heaven!

Marchioro Kevin 82 – An Ideal Syrian Hamster Cage

The Kevin 82 cage is a great hamster cage on the larger end of the scale and it features quite a unique layout making use of platforms to increase the walking area for your pet. There are two food bowls that are connectable to the bars by clips keeping them firmly in place.

The two upper levels are secured firmly by clips and gives your hamster additional living room as well as a great view of their surroundings! The corner platform is an ideal space for the nest box which is provided.
The wheel provided with the cage is too small for Syrian hamsters so it should be replaced, however it is ideal for Dwarfs.
marchioro kevin 82 hamster cage

Savic Hamster Heaven – The Ultimate Hamster Cage?

Certainly not a cheap cage, but this is one of the best cages for a lone syrian hamster or a couple of dwarfs! You will rarely find it inside stores. It’s a perfect size for a lone Syrian hamster and more than meets the minimum size requirements for the USA and Europe. The Hamster heaven is very well made and designed with a high quality of plastics used for a worthwhile and long lasting investment. The dimensions are 50 x 80 x 50 inches giving your hamster a huge area to live and play. The cage is fully complete with tunnels, cool colored platforms, slides, houses, exercise wheel, toilet, food bowls and drinking bottle removing the need to buy these necessary extras!

Savic Hamster Heaven Cage

Syrian Hamster

Sometimes known as the Teddy Bear Hamster – The Syrian is the most common and largest hamster available in pet stores. Fully weaned Syrians should be HOUSED ALONE as they are fully solitary animals.

Dwarf Hamster

The most important thing to bear in mind when cage shopping for dwarf hamsters is to pay attention to the width of the bars. Being smaller than Syrians, dwarfs are capable of squeezing through the narrowest of gaps. Robo dwarf hamsters (Roborovski) are especially small and very escape prone! If you plan on housing a pair of dwarfs or even a small group, we recommend you buy them a wide open space in order to facilitate good relations. Dwarfs can live peacefully all of their live however improper housing can cause fighting. You should avoid habitrail type cages that are commonly for sale marketed towards dwarfs because the tube and modular nature of these cages encourages hamsters to become territorial over certain parts of the habitat. Dwarf hamsters should be provided with multiple wheels in order to stop prevent squabbling, and sometimes multiple food bowls. A larger open space cage would be good to facilitate multiple accessories for them. Zoo Zone habitats are excellent for Dwarf hamsters however you would need to mesh the top as the bar width are far too wide for Dwarfs, or you could just prevent them from reaching that high.

zoozone hamster habitat

Travel Cage

Occasions might arise where you will need to travel your hamster such as taking them to the vets. The Hagen Living World Pet Carrier comes in two sizes and the smaller variant is an ideal hamster travel cage as well as suitable for other pets such as gerbils and mice. It is fully ventilated ensuring a comfortable ride for your small pet.


Hamster Accessories

Below are some of our favorite toys, food and accessories for your hamster friend.

Bedding / Substrate

You’ve found a great cage – Now you want a perfect bedding or substrate to line it with! Coloured Carefresh is HEALTHY, SAFE and FUN for you and your pet and will make your cage look great! Carefresh is dyed using the same materials used in homes around the world for over 40 years. The colors are colorfast so cages, pets and clothing won’t be stained. The colours are non-toxic to pets. Carefresh is processed to remove potentially harmful hydrocarbons that exists in pine and cedar oils. It is also tested for contaminants and sanitized to 380ºF to destroy bacteria, fungus and mold. Carefresh has been proven to suppress ammonia formation for up to twice as long as wood shavings. Your home and your hamsters cage stay fresher smelling for longer. You can use Carefresh to create a theme in the cage, color coordinate with your room or liven up your hamsters cage. You can use Carefresh as the main substrate for your cage, or just use it as bedding material for your hamster to nest and burrow in.

carefresh hamster bedding


Supreme Hazel hamster Food is widely regarded in online communities as being the best commercially available hamster food for sale. The nutritional requirements for hamsters are: Protein: 17% – 22%, Fat: 4% – 7% and Fiber: 8% – 15%. Hazel Hamster Food satisfies these requirements perfectly whilst containing a good variety of ingredients. Most other commercially available hamster foods are full of molasses and added sugars,which are very unhealthy for hamsters. Russian Dwarf Hamsters are prone to diabetes so this food would not be ideal unless you pick out the high glycemic content  such as corn and sweetcorn. A better solution for Dwarf hamsters would be Vitrakraft Vita Prima Dwarf Hamster Food.

hamster food by hazel


Kaytee Silent Spinner is essential if you value your peace and quiet! Most cheap hamster wheels that come included with some hamster cages are simple plastic axle mechanisms that rub with friction and can become very noisy needing constant lubrication. Kaytee Silent Spinner wheels have patented bearing technology that make them whisper quiet with no need for lubrication. They are available in two different sizes, 11.5cm and 16.5cm. Ideal sizes for Syrian Hamsters and Dwarf Hamsters respectively.
$$$ – Premium, $$$ – Midrange, $ – Budget


You might have the best hamster habitat imaginable but your hamster will surely enjoy some adventure time out of it. Kaytee 7-inch Hamster ball is a well made ball perfectly sized for Syrian hamsters. The clear ball provides the perfect apparatus to let your hamster let off excess energy in a safe and controlled manner! Run around hamster balls also provide a perfect temporary area to stay whilst you clean their cage out. There is also a 5 inch Kaytee Hamster ball that is suitability sized for Dwarf Hamsters. For added safety –  use your hamster ball on a hamtrac raceway made by superpet, and provide your pet with a controlled exercise environment to run around.

kaytee hamster ball


Hamsters teeth are constantly growing, and as such, they need things to chew on to keep them down to a normal length. Having a wooden made chew is safer for your hamster and discourages the noisy practice of chewing on cage bars. Super Pet’s Perfect Chews is a perfect solution for your cage. It is made from a variety of materials to clean and keep hamster teeth trim. The Loofah provides flossing action. It Easily attaches to cage to provide pet with hours of entertainment and chewing pleasure.

Hamster Chew

Flying Saucer

A Hamster Flying Saucer is a wonderful addition or even a replacement for a traditional hamster wheel! It has the added advantage of allowing 2 or more Dwarf Hamsters to run on the saucer at the same time and provide a lot of entertainment for hamster owners. The Hamster Flying Saucer comes in 3 different sizes. Small for Dwarf Hamsters, Medium for Syrian Hamsters and Large for larger pet rodents. The only negative is that Saucers can take up a lot of ground space of your cage making the case for having a bigger cage even greater. Some of the best hamster cages for sale would not be complete without a saucer!

hamster flying saucer

Tubes / Tunnels

Syrian and Dwarf hamsters absolutely love tunnels and tubes and we highly recommend them for several reasons. They provide them with a great source of exercise and amusement and they will make good use of them for long periods especially during the night when they are most active. Hamsters in the wild are known for traveling for many miles in a single night as well as burrowing down deep and building nests underground. Tubes and tunnels allow you to replicate their natural environment to some degree. Tubes can also increase the amount of floor area available to your hamster effectively giving them more room to roam around.

dwarf hamster in a tube

With hamster tubes – you can rearrange them in a different order every so often giving your hamster a “brand new” environment to explore. This prevents your pet from getting bored of their environment and keeps them thinking.

Lot of cages for sale already come with tubes, especially he crittertrail type cages that are inter connectable with each other. However your pet might appreciate some extra tubes scattered around their floor area.


It is important to take be aware that different brands of hamster tubes are generally not compatible with each other. Whatever brand of habitat your hamster lives in, you should stick to when shopping for tubes to ensure maximum interconnect-ability. If you attempted to connect tubes that are not of the same brand you risk a weak connection giving your hamster a weak point to exploit and possibly escaping.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Tubes should be regularly cleaned along with the main cage. Urine and food waste can accumulate in the tubes and as they are not covered by substrate, this can cause nasty smells and mess for your hamster. They should be cleaned with hot water and a pet-safe soap. A scrubber with a long handle is excellent for tube cleaning. Tubes should be rinsed thoroughly with fresh water and dried well. It is important the tubes are thoroughly dried as residue can cause bacteria and mould growth.


Depending on what size hamster you own, you should make choose the tube accordingly. Naturally, the most popular hamster habitats and tubes are marketed towards Syrian hamsters as they are the most popular pet hamster. Dwarf hamsters can make use of Syrian size tubes if they are placed horizontally. Vertical tubes that are too wide are impossible for dwarfs to climb. Providing your Syrian hamster with dwarf size tubes presents a danger that your pet may become stuck.

DIY Tubes

There are plenty of options for DIY tunnels for hamsters – PVC Pipe, Toilet paper or paper towel rolls just to name a few. Kaytee Fun-nels Tubes are an excellent and cost effective set of tubes for hamsters. They are primarily designed to connect crittertrails together but they work just as well as standalone tunnels placed on the floor of a regular cage.

crittertrail hamster tubes